Top Five Mom Bands and the Moms Who Love Them

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When you think about mom, what do you see? Do you see her lovingly tending to you, sick in bed? Is she secretly buying the toy that she said you couldn't have at the mall? Maybe she's screaming to hurry and get up already or you'll be late for school?

These are the many faces of mom. But mom has interests besides her children, y'know. She's a secret disco dancer. Or maybe a country music-lovin' Southern belle. Or even a tough rocker babe.

Look, we're not just talking out of our asses about your mom. We asked, dammit! And these are the bands moms like!

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Mom's Name: Linda Burat

Mother of: Melissa Burat, 22

Favorite Band: "I like country, I like Lady Antebellum, and I like Carrie Underwood. But as far as a group, Lady Antebellum."

Favorite Album: "I forget the name of it. I have all the music on the iPod. Their first one, Need You Now, I think is the name of it."

Why She Loves It: "I just like the sound and the harmony. I enjoy their music."

Mom's Name: Teresa O'Connor

Mother of: Matt Martin, 31; Lisa Martin, 26

Favorite Band: "Well, I can only pick one? That's really not very fair ... When I was a youngster, my favorite band, and I still do love them, the Guess Who. You know who else I love? I love Lenny Kravitz, and I love the Vandals. I really do."

Favorite Album: "Well, with the Guess Who, it's maybe Canned Wheat. Lenny Kravitz, I don't know an album, I just love him. The Vandals, my favorite album is Look What I Almost Stepped In.

Why She Loves It: "Just real lyrics from real people, there's a connection there. And humor, the Vandals especially."

Mom's Name: Elizabeth Pow-Sang

Mother of: Gianmarco, 22; Julio, 20; Camila, 11; Cristina, 11

Favorite Band: "It can be American or Latin, right? OK, I like the Bee Gees."

Favorite Album: "Saturday Night Fever."

Why She Loves It: "I guess because it makes me remember my school times, when I was in high school. We used to dance a lot."

Mom's Name: Patty Whitney

Mother of: Liz Rouse, 26; Amanda DuBour, 24

Favorite Band: "I had a funny story with the Trans Siberian Orchestra. They came to the Hard Rock one time and they didn't fill the arena, so they gave the opportunity to employees to pay $5 to go see them, and I'd never heard of them. Two years later, they're the hottest item selling out at the arena in Miami ... Of course, I never actually saw them. Now I've got two of their CDs."

Favorite Album: "Carol of the Bells."

Why She Loves It: "I love their music, I think it's great background music. It's like, electric guitars and hard rock mixed with bells and stuff. That's pretty cool."

Mom's Name: Blair Garbarino

Mother of: Kat Bein, 25

Favorite Band: "Usually I would say Van Halen, but thinking about the time period that you were growing up and I was being the mom, I have to go with the Black Crowes. I know at that time, I listened to them a lot, and I think that you probably heard them a lot."

Favorite Album: "The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, and that's the second one."

Why She Loves It: "When the first album came out, everybody discovered them and I liked them a lot because I grew up on a lot of Southern rock 'n' roll. Being from Florida, you've got Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet, they had that vibe. But then the singer also reminded me of Rod Stewart a little bit, and my mom loved Rod Stewart, so it kind of had a bit of crossover ... That and it was excellent music to listen to on a Sunday when I was cleaning, I could belt shit out. Even for a mom, it makes you feel like you've got your hair down and you're getting wild, even though all you're doing is singing too loud in the car."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.