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Matthias Meyer Traveled From Berlin to Play Two Miami Art Week Parties

Like a “one in, one out” door at a busy nightclub, German DJ-producer Matthias Meyer is set to depart Berlin in two days for a U.S. and Brazil mini-tour. His girlfriend returns on the same day, at the same time. Like two love boats passing in the night, they will...
Matthias Meyer
Matthias Meyer Marie Staggat
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Like a “one in, one out” door at a busy nightclub, German DJ/producer Matthias Meyer is set to depart Berlin for a U.S. and Brazil mini-tour. His girlfriend returns the same day at the same time. Like two love boats passing in the night, they will miss each other. Meyer has a little to-do list to knock out ahead of his departure. He wants to freshen up the pad for her return and visit the studio for final prep.

“I was out late last night recording a DJ mix for the Diynamic Music [record label]. I need to do some organizing, cleaning, and prepare some music. I will do all — when we are done, I will call to ask for a cleaner and go to the studio,” Meyer laughs.

Originally from Hamburg, Meyer moved to the modern-day techno mecca of Berlin three years ago. He accepted a residency at Watergate, a popular nightclub with a Spree River view in the Kreuzberg neighborhood. Kreuzberg is everything Wynwood could have been, with amazing music, affordable drinks, reasonable cost of living, and lots of people with fantastic haircuts.

Several liberal bars and nightclubs are in the area. By Berlin standards, Watergate is commercial. For the rest of the world, it’s a damn good techno and house-music venue. Watergate’s success and expansion are the impetus for Meyer’s global touring.

“Watergate is everything now. It’s a club, record label, and booking agency. Residents like me participate in Watergate showcases around the world,” he says.
Watergate is like a Walmart Supercenter — Meyer does everything there. He performs at the club, releases music on the label, and travels the world as a Watergate DJ/disciple.

Meyer’s Burning Man-sounding music hovers around 120 bpm. Slower tempo doesn’t necessarily mean less energy. Meyer is crafty. He creates big moments with subtle shifts. There are house-music bass lines, techno hi-hats, and emotion produced by strings. His new one with Ryan Davis, “Love Letters From Sicily,” was a weapon this summer in Ibiza — and it will do damage in Miami.

“I try to create uplifting and groovy,” he says.

Meyer is set to serve his music twice during Miami Art Week. The first show will take place Friday night, December 7, at Do Not Sit on the Furniture in South Beach. The second will happen at Cafeina Wynwood. Starting at 7 a.m. Sunday, December 9, it’s a 20-hour closing party coproduced by the good people from Do Not Sit and Members Only New York.

Meyer’s originals are high-quality, and his DJ sets are smart. His intelligence is unbridled. And when his girlfriend returns to an empty apartment, it will be fucking spotless.

Matthias Meyer. 10 p.m. Friday, December 7, at Do Not Sit on the Furniture, 423 16th St., Miami Beach; 510-551-5067; Tickets cost $40 via

7 a.m. Sunday, December 9, at Cafeina Wynwood, 297 NW 23rd St., Miami, 305-525-3292; Tickets cost $40 via
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