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Pocket of Lollipops Puts on Tidal Tracks at Epoca Brewing, Showcasing Local Music

Tony Kapel (left) and Maitejosune Urrechaga have launched a new monthly event at Epoca Brewing.
Tony Kapel (left) and Maitejosune Urrechaga have launched a new monthly event at Epoca Brewing. Photo by Jeffrey Delannoy
Tony Kapel and Maitejosune Urrechaga have long been staples of Miami's art-rock scene, both with their band Pocket of Lollipops and label and recording studio Houndstooth Cottage. During the pandemic, with concerts and other in-person events nonexistent, the duo focused on recording new music.

Last December, during Miami Art Week, the husband-and-wife team re-emerged from lockdown with a week's worth of events at the Seven Seas Motel, dubbed "Shooting Blanks," featuring all manner of outsider art, music, and performances.

So when Epoca Brewing in North Miami asked Kapel and Urrechaga to host and curate a night at the brewery, they jumped at the chance.

"Tidal Tracks is a new evening hosted by Houndstooth Cottage at Epoca Brewing in North Miami," Kapel tells New Times. "This is the first venue residency or monthly event that we’ve hosted, so it’s awesome to be able to bring artists to a new location."

The event takes place on the third Saturday of every month, coinciding with the monthly North Miami art walk.

Tidal Tracks kicked off on February 19 and was a rousing success, even if the weather wasn't 100 percent cooperative, according to Kapel.

"The first night was cool," he recounts. "it was Epoca's third monthiversary. It did rain, so it was stalled, but once it cleared we got going. The show opened with Analog. I saw Analog was back together and they’re great, and it turned out to be their first show in two years. And Borri is an old friend and has an album on our Houndstooth Cottage label."

Pocket of Lollipops closed out February's show and will serve as the event's house band going forward. For the upcoming event on Saturday, March 19, though, Kapel says he's looking forward to serving as host and organizer of a lineup of performances by Richard Vergez, Dania Sixto, and Nightly Closures. He describes the slate as "synth and modulator artists" and promises to be a different experience from the last month's show.

"We think it’s important to create a different vibe for each one," Kapel adds. "Epoca gave us the freedom to curate the shows, so we sort of want to make each show different."

The April 16 lineup will feature Pocket of Lollipops, Do Not Air, and local noise legend Rat Bastard.

Future Tidal Track editions will be planned based on what works and doesn't work at the first trifecta of shows.

"Adapting to the space is important. As of now, we are bringing in the sound system, and each night will require something different depending on who's playing," Kapel explains. "We have also talked with some local authors and musicians for a collaborative storytime night. The Epoca team is supportive of what we’re doing, and all ideas are on the table."

Kapel says the partnership with Epoca could also expand beyond the monthly event if everything goes well.

"We have chatted about holding some other events, such as our Cashmere Kitties or one of our Lop-Off Sessions," he says. "We are looking to host national acts, which would be parking lot shows."

Tidal Tracks.
8 p.m. Saturday, March 19, and Saturday, April 16, at Epoca Brewing, 12355 NE 13th Ave., North Miami; 305-394-5413; epocabrewing.com. Admission is free.
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