Livies and Swifties Come Together for the Ultimate Girl-Pop Party at Gramps

Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo fans report to Gramps, please.
Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo fans report to Gramps, please. Photo by Matt Keller Lehman/@mattkellerlehman_photo
Before there were Livies, there were Swifties.

The Taylor Swift era thrived on the country-artist-turned-pop star singing about heartbreak and girl power to eager listeners in every phase of life all over the world. A confessed Swiftie herself, Olivia Rodrigo re-entered the breakup-song universe with "Drivers License" and sparked a new version of the women-power fanbase.

Orlando-based party promoters Le Petite Fete recognized the bond between these two artists and decided to throw the ultimate Swift & Sour party for fans of the pop icons — and it's coming to Gramps on Saturday, October 9.

It all began at a boozy brunch, where founders Courtney Gibson and Caitie Phillips — both self-professed Swifties — discussed the recent TikTok trend of Taylor Swift parties in Australia. A recent post on Le Petite Fete's TikTok account reveals the outcome of that occasion: "When you just want to throw a Taylor Swift dance party for your friends, and it turns into a nationwide tour."

The Swift party led to other themed events, like Boy Band Nights and Mama Mia Brunch and, of course, more Swift parties, with the pair now bringing themed events to cities across the nation.

"Taylor Swift was our very first one — it was just all Taylor all night," Gibson says. "Then we had a lot of requests for Olivia Rodrigo, and that was probably our second-most-popular event here in Orlando, so we decided that would be a great one to bring to Miami."

"You know, a little bit of girl power never hurt anybody."

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If you haven't seen Le Petite Fete's TikToks on your For You page, you might not know what to expect at Swift & Sour. What sets the promoters apart are the extra little things that go into making the event unique. Ticket admission includes a free slim-can koozie that's based on the theme of the night and serves as a fun party favor to take home. It's also something to keep your White Claw cold while belting out "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." Partygoers can also expect a photo booth and other surprise interactive experiences.

Of course, the only songs you'll hear all night are those sung by Swift and Rodrigo. But if your favorite song wasn't played, fret not: The last hour of every Le Petite Fete event opens up to requests.

"We want this to be a safe and inclusive event for everybody, and, you know, a little bit of girl power never hurt anybody," Gibson says.

It's a place where other fans can connect, dress up in costumes, and scream out their favorite lyrics. With this in mind, Le Petite Fete's main goal for its events is to book a female DJ to represent their female-owned company as well as the message of many Taylor Swift songs. The Gramps stop will feature local DJ Neeka.

Swift & Sour. 9 p.m. Saturday, October 9, at Gramps, 176 NW 24th St., Miami; 855-732-8992; Tickets cost $15 via
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