DaBaby, King of Headlines and Super Bowl LIV

DaBaby performs in Newark, New Jersey, October 26, 2019.
DaBaby performs in Newark, New Jersey, October 26, 2019. Photo by Brad Barket / Getty
DaBaby has been on a prolific streak as of late.

No, we're not just talking about the 13 mixtapes and pair of studio albums he released in 2019 or the two Grammy nominations he netted. Heck, we're not even referring to the stack of Top 10 singles he's put out or his high-profile features on a number of tracks.

It’s the headlines: DaBaby makes more waves than a fat kid nailing cannonballs at a pool party.

Born Jonathan Kirk, DaBaby originally performed under the stage name Baby Jesus and appeared seemingly out of nowhere in 2015 with an onslaught of raw mixtapes and a laundry list of petty crimes. Since then, he’s become one of the hottest names — if not the hottest — in the industry, dominating the charts, arena stages, and the time of bloggers and police.

Since 2018, DaBaby has been detained for several incidents, including marijuana possession in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, which, y'know, come on: That shit is legal in 11 states. It’s 2020 — by now, we should be puffing away next to cops on their Dunkin’ breaks as we please.

Infamously, he and his crew allegedly jumped and robbed a producer in Miami just a couple of weeks ago over a supposed $10,000 disagreement. (Recently, DaBaby showed off his drip while the victim was probably still dripping in the apple juice poured on him during the robbery.)

DaBaby followed that up by spending two days in a Texas jail after authorities believed he was involved in a fight at an Einstein Bros. Bagels shop at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport — because everyone knows an everything bagel should include poppyseeds and bitch slaps. And let's not forget about the time he got wrapped up in a fatal shooting at a Walmart in his hometown last summer.

It suffices to say DaBaby is a busy bee. And life is not slowing down for the ever-popular rapper anytime soon, nor will it if he has his way. In an interview with the Guardian earlier this month, he said he’d “better be damn near the president of the United States.”

But before that inauguration, he’s working on another title: This week, DaBaby seems to be doing his damndest to be crowned the king of Miami. By the time January is over, DaBaby will have (presumably) performed at six Super Bowl LIV concerts in three days.

Realistically, the “Bop” and “Suge” rapper will need to a series of miracles to get to his scheduled appearances without missing a beat. If DaBaby pulls off this herculean feat, he will have at the very least earned his place as the King of Super Bowl LIV weekend. He may not be the obvious heir apparent to join the likes of Uncle Luke and Rick Ross in the pantheon of Miami hip-hop royalty, but we commend the hustle.

He has already endeared himself to South Florida audiences, though, even if he seems to be screwing with them in the process: During last year’s Miami edition of Rolling Loud, DaBaby appeared to toss baggies of weed into the crowd. He later revealed on social media that “all of them bitches was FAKE WEED” and that he “Got yo MF ass.” Oh, that scoundrel! 

Of course, this could simply be his “I didn’t inhale” Bill Clinton moment; after all, DaBaby still has his presidential ambitions to fulfill. No matter how many Super Bowl LIV events he does or doesn't make it to this weekend, DaBaby ought to be applauded for the scope of his vision and the reach of his goals.

DaBaby. 11 p.m. Saturday, February 1, at Story Nightclub, 136 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 305-538-2424; Tickets cost $100 to $15,000 via

DaBaby and Lil Baby. Noon Saturday, February 1, at Wynwood Factory, 55 NE 24th St., Miami; 305-934-0577; Tickets cost $54.67 to $10,610.38 via

EA Sports Bowl. With DJ Khaled, DaBaby, Meek Mill, Megan Thee Stallion, and others. 8 p.m. Thursday, January 30, at American Airlines Arena, 601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami; 786-777-1000; Tickets cost $50 to $400 via

Shaq's Fun House. With Pitbull, Diddy, Tiësto, Diplo, DaBaby, and others. 9 p.m. Friday, January 31, at Mana Wynwood, 318 NW 23rd St., Miami; 305-573-0371; Tickets cost $249.99 to $100,000 via

Sports Illustrated the Party. With Black Eyed Peas, Marshmello, DaBaby, and DJ Irie. 9:30 p.m. Saturday, February 1, at Fontainebleau Miami Beach, 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 305-538-2000; Tickets cost $500 to $40,000 via

Vewtopia Music Festival. With Cardi B, Migos, DaBaby, and others. 4 p.m. Saturday, February 1, at 19261 NW 27th Ave., Miami Gardens; 305-308-5983; Tickets cost $99 to $995 via
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