III Points and Boiler Room Team With Local DJs to Celebrate Miami's Homegrown Scene

Ms. Mada on III Points 2019's Boiler Room stage.
Ms. Mada on III Points 2019's Boiler Room stage. Photo by Adi Adinayev
click to enlarge Ms. Mada on III Points 2019's Boiler Room stage. - PHOTO BY ADI ADINAYEV
Ms. Mada on III Points 2019's Boiler Room stage.
Photo by Adi Adinayev
A year ago, it was hard to imagine that any Miami DJs would play a Boiler Room set in the immediate future. The London-based online broadcaster was founded in 2010 with a very simple idea: What if you placed a camera in front of a mixer and live-streamed a DJ set — with all of the wacky characters, impromptu moments of whimsy, and sublime absurdity these gatherings tend to elicit — for all of the internet to see? In the near-decade since, Boiler Room has grown past its electronic music-indebted origins to become a proper global phenomenon. Although the promise of seeing your favorite DJ induce spontaneous dance-floor shenanigans remains the website’s bread and butter, Boiler Room has evolved into an all-encompassing musical institution offering a platform for artists of varying backgrounds, bpm, and genres.

Even with all of the promising developments and momentum that has swirled around Miami’s underground electronic scene over the past year, there wasn’t much to suggest that Boiler Room would pass through anytime soon. That changed in February, when III Points teamed with the site to organize a Boiler Room stage and accompanying live stream at the festival’s 2019 edition. The collaboration proved to be a success: In addition to shining a light on some of Miami’s best and brightest selectors — including Anshaw Black, Jonny From Space, and Ms. Mada — the stage hosted some of the weekend’s most memorable sets from touring artists.

Less than a year later, the two groups are partnering to do it all again with help from several homegrown Miami talents. On Friday, November 29, Boiler Room Miami: III Points will take place in a Wynwood warehouse, with a lineup boasting nearly a dozen of the city’s finest DJs. Other than the Berlin-based electro producer Privacy, the roster is a strictly local affair: Jonny From Space will handle opening duties on the indoor Boiler Room stage at 9 p.m. The live stream will begin afterward, at 10, broadcasting DJ sets from Space Tapes label head Nick León, Greg Beato, and Privacy to Boiler Room's website. Poorgrrrl and INVT will also make appearances on the stage and online transmission, although they'll perform live in lieu of providing additional DJ mixes.

The outdoor stage will host True Vine and Sister System — the parties responsible for organizing the event, with the assistance and resources furnished by III Points and Boiler Room — for a back-to-back set, as well as Danyelino, Electric Pickle fixture Terence Tabeau, Goiz, and Terrestrial Funk’s Brother Dan.

Although this year’s III Points wasn’t the first time it worked alongside Boiler Room (that honor goes to the festival’s inaugural edition in 2013, which resulted in a legendary set from much-missed Miami DJ/producer Chalk), it was the most fruitful collaboration between the two to date. III Points cofounder and Club Space co-owner David Sinopoli says Boiler Room approached the festival earlier this year about organizing another outing for fall 2019. He subsequently roped in True Vine and Sister System — AKA Santiago Vidal and Alexis Sosa-Toro — to help produce the event and frame it as a celebration of Miami’s underground.
click to enlarge III Points 2019 Boiler Room stage. - PHOTO BY ADI ADINAYEV
III Points 2019 Boiler Room stage.
Photo by Adi Adinayev
“David presented us with the idea of making the Black Friday Rave this year a Boiler Room event,” Vidal says, referencing the November 29, 2018, gathering at the now-shuttered 229 Warehouse. Because the party is regarded as representing a turning point for Miami’s current crop of DJs and electronic producers, Vidal, Sinopoli, and Sosa-Toro wanted to honor the occasion and make it an annual tradition.

“This is more of a celebration of the Miami scene than international artists coming and doing parties, which we do all the time,” Sinopoli says. “And that’s dope, and we all love it and I’m in the business of that. But this is different. This is a family holiday.”

Beyond the excitement surrounding the opportunity to throw a party with the full weight and resources of III Points and Boiler Room behind it, Vidal and Sosa-Toro say the online broadcaster’s recognition of Miami and what’s happening here stands to galvanize the city’s creatives on both a local and international level.

“Boiler Room is a way to show to the world what your musical identity is,” Vidal says. “It's a major launchpad for any electronic artist’s career.”

“This event will form new notions of Miami’s sound and electronic scene,” Sosa-Toro adds. “It will empower the artists showcased to potentially expand to new regions, as well as inspire artists to remain here because of the viability to expand their careers.”

Boiler Room Miami: III Points.
With Greg Beato, INVT, Poorgrrrl, Privacy, Nick León, and others. 9 p.m. Friday, November 29, at 2060 NW First Ave., Miami; Tickets cost $35 via and $40 at the door.
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