The Smiths Remix... Tokyo Police Club?

Tokyo Police Club wowed us at the Fillmore just last weekend when they opened up for Passion Pit. But their sugar-high charged sweet sounding tunes are no match for an alternative rock legend.

Bassist for the Smiths (yes, that Smiths) Andy Rourke has taken it upon himself to remix Tokyo Police Club's hit single "Breakneck Speed" off of their latest release Champ. The second full-length from the Ontario quartet was just released a few weeks ago.

The song in question was transformed from a catchy slow tempo track to a high-energy, dance beats driven song sure to take the single from the indie bar to the club with some much needed Smiths undertones. I mean, doesn't every band want a little hint of Smiths in their music? 

See the video for the original song and download Andy Rourke's remix after the jump. Which do you prefer?

MP3:zSHARE - Toyko Police Club - Breakneck Speed _Andy Rourke Remix_.mp3

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