The boys are (almost) back in town.
The boys are (almost) back in town.
Photo by Monica McGivern

The Jacuzzi Boys Release Trippy New Video for “Sun”

When you think Jacuzzi Boys, you think Miami. Anyone familiar at all with the music scene down here knows that the tropical garage rockers have become just as synonymous with the Magic City as Cuban sandwiches and hypodermic needles

The Miami-bred trio's fuzzy, beachy sound is the perfect soundtrack for that South Florida summertime sadness, so it should come as no surprise that their latest single is appropriately titled “Sun,” which — coincidently — this brutal, smoldering summer has felt a lot like.

In the band's newly released music video, the Jacuzzi Boys play in front of a green screen, complete with trippy visuals straight out of the '90s. Described by the dudes as “an homage to The Breeders classic video for 'Safari,'" the video (and song) play with a lot of postmodern elements without trying too hard to prove how unique it is.

Staying true to their roots, the band recorded their upcoming album Happy Damage locally.

“We recorded the EP in Miami with Jonathan Nunez from Torche,” Jacuzzi Boys bassist Danny Gonzalez recently told us. “It's the first recording we've done in Miami in quite some time. It was really fun and easy, but I remember it being insanely hot and chasing a huge toad around.”

Jacuzzi Boys fans have had to wait patiently for a new album. It's been two years since their self-titled LP was released. "We did some touring, played some one-offs, took a little break, settled into a new practice spot, wrote some tunes," Gonzalez says. But the band is excited to be back at it, and eagerly anticipating the release of Happy Damage on September 18.

Since they formed in Miami back in 2007, the Jacuzzi Boys have always been influenced by their hometown. "It's where the band was born," Gonzalez says. "So just like anyone that might feel a special kinship to the town where they were born, the same goes for the band. It's part of the DNA."

The group has been recording in L.A. for the past few months, but they know what they're going to do the minute they get back on Miami soil. "We've been in L.A. for the past few months working on a new record, but If I was in Miami right now, I'd want to drown in a bowl of rice and beans at Enriqueta's."

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