More so than last year's Cold World Remixes, Terrorfakt's new power-noise set is deep-fried in a Rice Krispies batter so corrosive that it should carry a warning sticker dissuading fans from using it as drive-time crankup, because the wide-wrapped panning tends to get you looking for loose bolts in death-defying places. As far as S&M DJs go, New York's Ben DeWalt might very well be the best around. He subjects partygoers' autonomic systems to pegged-treble electroshock relayed through trance loopage that's demonically hard. "Welcome to Hell" rips open the album in a primal fashion different from but more irresistible than what most gothies are accustomed to — a rave-industrial horror-house ride that leaves "Headcase" correctly relegated to the number two spot, since it's just the second coming of last year's album opener, "Achtung" (at that time the beat to beat for EBMers trying to get a little honest press love). The world stops on its axis when things this profoundly PO'ed hit the pavement.

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