Steve Aoki Throws a Birthday Cake on the Crowd at Ultra Music Festival 2012

Confetti, smoke machines, champagne, birthday cakes, an inflatable raft, and crowd surfing.

It isn't surprising to find all this stuff at one of Steve Aoki's performances. He's known for hyping the crowd up with his crazy stunts. But Aoki dialed it up to 11 for his set at Ultra Music Festival on Sunday afternoon.

Before his performance, Aoki kicked it with Crossfade, talking about his stage antics. "People won't move from the front," he said. "They're dying of thirst, they need hydration. They won't move because they're so obsessed and so fucking high from the music.

"So it's like I want to hydrate them, I want to give them something. They want water on them, they want fucking champagne. They want to have some fun."

But Aoki insists his act is really all about the music. "The most important thing, besides all the stunts that I do, it's always the music," he said. "The music is the number one thing."

The DJ also mentioned that playing parties in Miami is always rad. Especially the kind of rager with 163,000 beat freaks in attendance. "The weather is always warm and hot," he said. "There are always sharks in the ocean. I've got a lot of good friends out here. I love coming out here."

And later, when Aoki streaked out onto the Main Stage for his 4:20 p.m. set, the crowd went crazy.

The Miami-born, Cali-raised DJ ripped into a block of killer party tracks, hit some "Turbulence," and brought out a special guest -- Lil Jon -- while throwing birthday cakes and spraying champagne into the crowd.

Totally high off "Pursuit of Happiness" and "Warp 1.9," Aoki invited a few audience members onto the Main Stage. This was their show too. So he threw those beat freaks into an inflatable raft. And he forced them to crowd surf.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.