Soulja Boy to SpaceGhostPurrp "We Gone Eat Yo Face," Thows Bath Salts on A$AP Beef

Gasping to regain relevancy in a post-"Pretty Boy Swag" rap game, Soulja Boy has inserted himself into the A$AP Rocky vs. SpaceGhostPurrp Twitter beef.

Though Rocky and The Ghost used to be buddies, collaborating on tracks and rhymes, shit's gone bad. About 14 days ago, someone from A$AP's crew allegedly jumped local hero SGP's homie.

The digital feud quickly escalated to the point of hilarity. And then, suddenly, Soulja Boy threatened to eat SGP's face and threw a bunch of bath salts on this beef. Check the breakdown and peep the tweets after the cut.

It all started a couple weeks ago when A$AP Twelvyy and some others jumped SGP's boy Matt Stoops, triggering a nearly non-stop stream of angry tweets from the Miami up-and-comer.

A$AP responded by trying to calm things down, but his Caps Lock button was stuck.

Then the party moved to YouTube where SGP and the Raider Klan let loose about how A$AP is a fake bitch who stole a bunch of rhymes and beats from them, and how he wouldn't even know anything about Southern rap without them.

A$AP responded with a few interview comments in generally the same vein.

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And that brings us to now, where the near forgotten Soulja Boy steps in to sprinkle bath salts and scarf faces.

But of course, SGP knows Soulja Boy is a softie who cries too much.

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