Song Spotlight: ArtOfficial featuring QuEST & Swamburger - "Show Me Change"

ArtOfficial continue their reign of promotion for their latest project The Payback. Just recently, they released The Payback via DJBooth.net. Its been well received by their fans and by hip-hop enthusiasts from all over the country. Their talent as a band is undeniable. Their type of hip-hop is such a rare find, so to have it original from Dade County is kinda inspiring.

With that, team ArtOfficial has just released "Show Me Change." The band takes on recreating the instrumental for Jay-Z's "Show Me What You Got," which originally samples Lafayette Afro Rock Band's "Darkest Light" (also used on "Rumpshaker" by Wreckx-N-Effect).

The instrumentation is dead-on and a vivid portrayal of ArtOfficial's versatility. The track features Logics on the vocals, with guest appearances by Miami emcee QuEST - as well as a verse by emcee Swamburger from the Orlando band Sollilaquists of Sound.

The song really takes a bit of Jay-Z's original concept of "showing 'em what you got" to another level, as all three emcees really unleash and put in their two cents the best way they know how. And they show that a little bit of a change from the norm isn't too bad, either. Each emcee represents a different type of hip-hop that doesn't get too much airplay on commercial radio stations nowadays. Expect more of this by listening to the rest of The Payback album released last month by ArtOfficial by clicking here. If you're just curious to download this particular song, you can do so right below...

MP3: ArtOfficial featuring QuEST & Swamburger - Show Me Change

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