Running on Fumes

It's been over a year since Dieselboy (a.k.a. Damian Higgins) dropped Project Human on the drum and bass world, eliciting praise and accolades from even the most hardened U.K. purists. Dubbed America's best jungle DJ by fans and critics alike, Dieselboy has avoided any dropoff in interest with constant touring and a slate of projects in the works that could elevate the Pittsburgh native to unprecedented popularity.

Known as a highly skilled mix DJ on the tables, Dieselboy is starting to branch out by fusing his hectic style of old-school drum and bass with more traditional forms of rock and hip-hop. "I did a remix of a track from Project Human called 'Subculture' for the PlayStation 2 game called Amplitude and on it we brought in a live band to do drums and also had an MC rap," he says. "It was an experiment for me, but I found jungle, rock, and hip-hop to flow together very well." Dieselboy has also hinted at making forays into techno, trance, and even breaks, but loyalists can rest assured that whatever he ends up spitting out won't stray far from the V-8 powered drums and suffocating bass that have made him America's favorite jungle navigator.

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Kevin McLaughlin