Photo by Sean Murphy

Rivers Cuomo Reminisces With the Cast of Jackass in Weezer's Latest Video for "Memories"

When we reminisce and look at days gone by, we tend to think of the fun times we've had first, and the people who we've shared them with. We have a hunch that Rivers Cuomo was on the same track mentally when he came up with the idea behind Weezer's latest music video for "Memories." Jetsking into bushes with Weezer playing in your backyard sounds like some really sweet memory making, to us.

What's even cooler, still, is the fact that the band decides to involve themselves in some of the pranks midway through the song. They go from merely being on the sidelines to playing right smack in the middle of the action -- and we think they like it.

We can't help but feel like it's a more modern version of their "Buddy Holly" video, and it looks like it was a blast to film. Well, except for that guy that got a football slammed in his face. Ouch.

There are even kids skateboarding on some pretty intense skate ramps, narrowly missing the band's faces, kids dancing, and a little baby gently thrown into the air. Aww.

But do you think it encompasses trademark Weezer carefree fun? Check out the video below, along with the "Buddy Holly" video, and tell us what you think.

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