Psychic Mirrors Bring Miami Ghostbusters and Funk to Bardot

​The largest Miami band packed into the smallest live music venue in town on Saturday night.

Psychic Mirrors handed over 40 minutes of groove to a packed room of music fans. We counted 12 bandmates working hard together to bring the funk to Bardot. Although, it's possible there were only 11 ... Only 11!

This orchestra of sorts was not only offering one of its rare performances. It was also celebrating the release of its new twelve-inch single.

The night started out with a bit of goofiness. Right before lead singer Mickey de Grand IV used his vocoder to bring funk to the future, DJ Stravinsky dropped Bobby Brown's "On Our Own." The song blasted us into a spooky past and brought out a team of Miami Ghostbusters dressed with proton packs and armed with names like Rolan.

De Grand asked the bouncer to remove them from the room. Clear of supernatural protectors and psychic purity restored, the music got underway.

The band worked its way up to a nice collective sound, becoming one body with many players. Cecilia de Cardenas and Michelle Noguera provided female vocals and engaging synchronized dancing. Their perfectly timed moves were a visual delight, just like the three horns pumping on the other side of the stage.

De Grand not only composed the music but also led the pack. He made entertainingly exaggerated faces while gesturing wildly at the horn section. His "Rapper's Delight" call, "Hotel! Motel! Holiday Inn!," was met with ladies' voices, "Say what?!"

The music slowed for a bit and then pumped back up, getting a little tropical, but not quite entering the Latin or Afro Cuban zone of a group like the Spam All Stars.

Psychic Mirrors is American funk with a disco soul, staying true to the hopping beats of the '70s sound and giving the '10s what P-Funk never ceased to provide .... A classically cosmic high.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.