Pitbull's Lawyers Question Lindsay Lohan's Residency, Cite TMZ in Court Documents

Lindsay Lohan's out of jail. But her legal problems aren't even close to being over.

The LiLo v. Pitbull, Nee-Yo, and Afrojack saga continues as Mr. 305's lawyers have presented a notice of removal in an effort to shift the case from county to federal court.

The document, filed last week in New York, aims to prove that Lohan "falsely attested" her Nassau County, New York residency. Citing TMZ, Wikipedia, and ABC News, among others, the defendants' lawyers are cleverly calling bullshit.

Check out some of our favorite arguments from Pibull's legal team's legal filing, and what they really mean, after the cut.

5. "Ms. Lohan's claims of New York residence files in the face of objective indicia establishing that... (Lohan) owes continuing legal obligations to the state of California..."

Translation: Lohan's in and out of jail, community service detail, and LA County court. If she lived in New York, she'd be working the Nassau County morgue.

4. "Ms. Lohan... was incarcerated in a California prison prior to being placed under house arrest..."

Translation: House arrest implies she's to stay at her own home, not Dina Lohan's New York domicile.

3. "In fact, given her frequent legal troubles, Ms. Lohan possesses irrevocable ties to California that are likely to keep her there for the foreseeable future."

Translation: Chick's lying about living in New York, bro. Chick's tremenda mentirosa. 

2. "Ms. Lohan provided a sworn affidavit attesting to her California residency... [in 2010]"

Translation: Can it get any clearer? She swore, under oath, that she's from California.

1. "She possesses a California driver's license [according to TMZ]."

Translation: TMZ never lies!

Honestly, Crossfade's so ready for this lawsuit to be over. We just wanna join Pitbull on the lido deck of the Majesty of the Seas for the Club 305 cruise. Leave Pit alone, Lindsay!


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