Pitbull Leaves Miami Out of His Upcoming Tour

Pitbull just announced his 2016 the Bad Man Tour dates, which will see him pull stops from Mountain View, California, to Bethel, New York, and as far south as Sunrise with partner Prince Royce. But Pit seems to have left out one very important stop on this upcoming tour.

That’s right, Miami. We’re sorry to break it to you but Mr. 305 will not be coming home this summer.

BB&T – Pitbull’s chosen South Florida venue – confirmed the news. “Sunrise is the only South Florida tour stop Pitbull has,” a BB&T representative told New Times via email. Attempts to contact Pitbull’s team went unanswered.

Sure, Miami will get its Pitbull fix when the rapper embarks on his very own Pitbull After Dark Party Cruise, which, judging by the title, is either a boat concert or a no–holds–barred orgy. But that won't happen until March 2017.

During his enigmatic evolution from Dade County rapper to international act, Pitbull has gradually shed his incessant Miami references and adopted a more cosmopolitan approach. He slipped out of 305 fitted hats and into slim-fit suits. He dropped the area code from his nickname and billed himself Mr. Worldwide. His first two albums were M.I.A.M.I. and El Mariel. But as Pitbull's popularity grew, he came out with Planet Pit and Globalization.

This isn’t the first time Pitbull abandoned Miami. He and Enrique Iglesias didn’t even stop in Florida during their 2015 tour. But all our bitching begs the question: Should every Pitbull tour be required to come to Miami? And do we even want it to?

No, not really. Musicians forget where they come from all the time. It’s only a matter of time until Drake trades in Toronto for somewhere trendier.

We admire Pitbull's success but just can’t comprehend it. How the hell did this guy host the AMA’s, perform at the Super Bowl, and partner with Norwegian Cruise Line? How does he score so many guest appearances? Who actually listens to his music? A couple weeks ago we drank Fireball and ranked his 118 studio songs from worst to best – and we still don’t get it. Pitbull's prosperity may forever remain a mystery.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.