Pepe Billete Takes His Wacky Act and Cubanísmos to El Zol 95.7 FM's Airwaves

t first, we thought our ears were deceiving us yesterday morning. Surely, no one in their right mind would give this man, Pepe Billete, a job. Yet it turns out that in the Magic City -- and specifically the offices of El Zol 95 -- anything is possible.

But then again, you guys did vote for his Escoria Films Twitter feed as the Best of Miami 2011's Readers' Choice winner. So maybe we're wrong in thinking the heads over at El Zol are crazy. We love Pepe Billete and we love what he stands for, but will Miami's morning commuters be ready for his incomparable wit and acerbic cubanísmos?

We hope so.

Now we hope this radio gig goes so well that he gets his own show independent of Betzy Vazquez's El Vacilón, and we say that because homegirl is pretty and Pepe le gusta tocar. In the meantime, listeners are urged to tune in to the weekday show between 6 and 10 a.m. to hear Pepe's on-the-field assessments of early-morning 305 life.

If you want to join the Pepe Billete morning radio army, all you have to do is tune in to 95.7 on your FM dial while you enjoy your morning cafecito, and according to Pepe, "los robots afeminados esos" with their Portable People Meter over at Arbitron will pick up on his feeds, ensuring longer, harder, and better bits.

He'll be sweetening up the airwaves on the fifth and 25th minutes every hour, bringing what we know will be a beautiful bridge of friendliness and understanding between the many cultures that call this glorious city their home. Y si no, pa la pinga!

Reverendo arroz con mango asere!

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