On the List - Heir to the Throne, DJ Mom Jeans and Stealth

Earlier this week, we wrote how Opium Group's newest lounge Louis is opening this weekend. Well according to our sources, it's a maybe. Why? Not sure, but the anticipation is killing us. Work faster Opium Group!

Still, there is plenty to check out this weekend and look for our special On the List "Turkey with Gravy Edition" coming out on Tuesday, telling you what to do Wednesday night because there is no work on Thursday! Woo!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves, here is what you want to check out this weekend:

Heir To The Throne makes is debut tonight at the brand new The King Is Dead. Roxy Cottontail and Contra will be hitting the decks, while the free cocktails from 11 to midnight will make you extra happy.

T-Mobile is bring its Blackberry Luxe Club Series to Mansion Friday with DJ Mom Jeans, better known as Danny Masterson (Hyde from That '70s Show). Normally, we don't approve of celebrity DJs, but Masterson has been making quite a name for himself under the Mom Jeans moniker in LA. Plus, who doesn't love mom jeans?

You can make it Mansion-tastic weekend, when Stealth Dutch DJ Laidback Luke and Tom Stephan take over the turntables at the South Beach venue for a Stealth Records party Saturday night. Laidback Luke is no stranger to Mansion, he played at the club back in June.

Voyage still has a lot to prove nightlife wise. As Bricks and Club 66, it was less than impressive. But this weekend they've got the help of Aquabooty, which is bringing with it the Martinez Brothers. Steve and Chris Martinez are 19 and 16, respectively, making them barely old enough to smoke let alone get a crowd of people moving -- but that they do, and they do it well.

Looking to escape Miami for the weekend? Well downtown Fort Lauderdale hosts the Autumn Music Festival. Robbie Rivera, Monk, Starkillers and much much more are scheduled to make appearances.

Finally, Murk'd Miami moves its Robot Love night to Saturdays at Black Sheep Bar (previously 305 Music Lounge, before that it was Laundry Bar). Salami Fingaz and Sharpsound will get the speakers thumping, while you can enjoy the two-for-one specials all night long.

-- Jose D. Duran

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