Niko Javan's "Pornicopia" Is Way More Than Fruits Having Sex

Sex is totally gross when you’re a kid, but porn is intriguing at any age. You never forget the first time you see a woman spread-eagle or some dude’s low-hanging fruit, especially if you’re five and stumble upon your dad’s dirty magazines while Shania Twain’s “That Don’t Impress Me Much” plays in the background.

“I was very impressed,” says multi-media artist and musician Niko Javan. “My sister was in a different room blasting that shit on the radio, and I just remember thinking ‘wow, what is this?’ and feeling like I shouldn’t be looking at it.”

Almost 20 years later, Javan is still looking at porn, but his latest project turns everyday smut into a psychedelic, thought-provoking, and nutritionally-dense work of art.

Pornicopia is three original tracks and four remixes of the EP’s intro track “Karma,” mostly from area producers. Javan wasn’t shocked at their choice. Featuring poignant vocals from Michele Wylen, “Karma” is probably the catchiest of the bunch, but it’s the EP’s second song that proved most fruitful for the father.

Featuring Paperwater and Voila Snow, “Pornicopia” spawned more creative growth than anything he’s produced so far. The project was months in the making, yielding tons of visuals and even an iPhone app. It’s the only track from the release so far to get video treatment, but after 40 days of work, a break was necessary.

Visually, “Pornicopia” is totally bonkers. Cartoon people made of fruits and vegetables engage is NSFW activity from blowjobs to bong rips. It’s playful and titillating and fucking bizarre. Conceptually, he was inspired by how much porn, and the world at large, has changed since he was a kid.
“I was just wondering how that effects (kids) psychologically in new ways,” he says. “There’s infinite porn; every day, as much as you can get, as filthy as you want, whenever you want. Maybe they’re sex masters really young, or maybe they get these ideas in their head like movies. It’s not real, and maybe that makes them chase something that’s not real and can leave you unsatisfied.”

That’s also where the food comes in.

“Comparing fast food to porn — it’s right there,” he says. “You can just do it. You can choose not to put in any effort and take the easy way out, or you can take your time and do something that’s real. You can make your own food, or you can go out and meet someone; learn your own recipes and become a master chef – or a mac.”

Javan used real porn clips as the base for his fruity scenes, which also had him musing on the sometimes tumultuous relationship between our digital and physical lives. Retouched realities can effect our self-esteem and sense of worth, while click-bait media preys on human weakness without providing any real advice.
It’s all pretty heady, but at the end of the day, he just waned to share some beats that would make listeners happy.

“There’s a lot of different angles on it,” he says. “It’s not really trying to figure it out exactly but that was some interesting stuff I was thinking about when making that.”
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