Mr. Haka at Jazid April 21

Cuban hip-hop flows will never stop flooding Miami's shores. Take Mr. Haka (AKA Eidel Morales Cárdenas), who came to the United States around the turn of the millennium, bringing the sounds of Camagüey with him.

In 2004, he released the album El Legendario, which brought him some regional and national success. And he performed locally with all-star Cuban band Cubiche, sharing the stage with El Chino Dreadlion, Hilario Bell, and Michelle Fragoso.

Haka has street appeal. But he doesn't disrespect the ladies. "I write and sing about real-life experiences," he told New Times shortly after dropping El Legendario. "But that doesn't mean we have to drag the women in the mud all the time. I can use my energy on a lot of other stuff and have the same kind of effect on people. I want to keep it real."

Working on a new project called Autorretrato, this Cuban hip-hopper is known for working with live instrumentation and pure salsa beats. The self-described "explosivo rapero" even appeared alongside Pitbull on Don Dinero's 2002 album, Que Bola! But when he performs at Jazid this Saturday, don't call it a comeback. He's been here for years.

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Jacob Katel
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