Morgan Page

In the dance music world, Deadmau5 has a Midas touch that works even indirectly. Two years ago, his remix of L.A. producer Morgan Page's track "The Longest Road" scored a Grammy nomination, and of course that pointed the spotlight back to the track's creator. Page was ready to bask in it.

The 28-year-old got his start as a teenager in his hometown of Burlington, Vermont. While still in high school, he scored a weekly slot DJing on the college station WRUV. Showing a precocious ear for crowd-friendly house beats, he was signed to the now-defunct Fiji Records in 1999. By his early 20s, he was dropping singles on powerhouse labels such as Bedrock and SAW. His debut artist album, Elevate (from which "The Longest Road" came) appeared in 2008 on his current label, Nettwerk.

His meteoric rise came thanks to a serious knack for creating big-room fare with pop crossover potential. The tracks on Elevate were vocal-heavy, completely danceable at peak hours, but never too hard. It's an aesthetic that has helped Page score big-deal remixing gigs — he's reworked the likes of Madonna and Yoko Ono and, more recently, indie titans such as La Roux and the Temper Trap. This Tuesday's appearance at B.E.D. celebrates the release of his sophomore full-length effort for Nettwerk, Believe. Its lead single, "Fight for You," is tearing up global dance charts.

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Arielle Castillo
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