Massive Attack and Thievery Corporation Play Miami October 26 (Same Night as MGMT)


Was that enough? Sure, sure, Thievery Corporation just played at the Fillmore not too long ago. But when was the last time Massive Attack played in South Florida, if at all? (Seriously, if at all -- can't even remember if its happened). Here, happy birthday Miami: Both of the collective downtempo gods will play together at Bayfront Park Amphitheater.... the same night as MGMT over at the Fillmore. When was the last time you had to make a choice like that?

We won't sway your decision -- either show should be great -- but we will say that Massive Attack hasn't toured for the past four years, and is a whole hell of a lot less likely to return any time soon. Past shows have always involved a major visual spectacle, as well, and singer Robert Del Naja told Rolling Stone earlier this year that fans should expect more of the same this time:

...the stage will feature an illuminated scrim that broadcasts scrolling words and phrases in order to reflect today's economic and political uncertainties. (Think of it as a giant CNN news ticker.) "We're really into the global state of the world and the financial climate -- the issues of news and media," says Del Naja. "For me, as a sort of graffiti artist, you can be provocative, throwing up words and phrases. And you can be interesting. And slightly childish at the same time." Del Naja is encouraging fans who wear sunglasses to diminish the scrim's blinding light to take them off: "They're missing the point," he says.
Tickets go on sale this Friday, August 6, according to Thievery Corporation's web site, though the link isn't posted listed on Live Nation's web site yet -- if we get further details, we'll post them. Otherwise, log in on Friday morning, probably around 10 a.m., to get in on the purchasing action.

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Arielle Castillo
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