Mary J. Blige's Burger King Ad Triggers 11-Minute YouTube Rant

Mary J. Blige has been through a lot. She's a powerhouse of

feminine strength and wisdom; a shining beacon of exemplary light for us girls



killed it at Jazz in the Gardens

, but apparently she took time out to make

some deals with another Miami resident, Burger King. And the result is not so tasty.

If only her life lessons included ever-important rock star

rule #1: Don't sell out. She may be singing about chicken wraps, but she's got egg

all over her face.

Burger King removed the video from their official Youtube

channel because of all the static, but we managed to track it down.

The 30-second spot features biker Blige just losing it when

some dude doesn't know what's in the new chicken snack wraps. So they dim the

lights, and she reworks the lyrics of her song "Don't Mind," off her 10th and

latest album My Life II ... the Journey

Continues (Act 1), to list the kind of meh ingredients.

Fans are pissed because it always sucks when you let an

artist into your heart and then they go and use your trust to hock some

less-than-stellar fast food garbage that's just going to make you fat anyway.

And of course, people have brought out the racial card.

"Many have taken to social media sites to express their surprise (and dismay) that someone with so much clout would agree to do such a thing," writes CNN's Tomika Anderson. "Especially peddling chicken, which some say feeds into a stereotype."

Still, at least she's clearly phoning this in. There's not a lot of

passion in her voice about the wrap because she knows in her heart that this was a

bad idea.

But even an icon's got to make money, right?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.