Los Amigos Invisibles

Arrive at the party after midnight, and the dancers look dull and bored. Same old music. Slip hostess The Venezuelan Zinga Son, Vol. 1. Suddenly everyone is as beautiful as the girl from Ipanema, as ba-a-ad as Superfly, and as fab as a shirtless boy shimmying at Paradise Garage. Primal salsa funksters Los Amigos Invisibles deliver again, making good on the promise of Zinga Son's swinging first track, "Rico Pa' Goza."

This album is all about turning you on. Channeling everything sexy from the Seventies -- bossa nova, funk, and classic salsa -- the Invisible Friends team up with seminal house duo Masters at Work for a now sound that shimmers like beads of sweat under disco lights. MAW's production distills the band's world-encompassing jams down to their soft, sticky essence. But don't let the smooth grooves fool you; Los Amigos is as naughty as ever. Listen up as the whole party shouts along to the anthem "Superfucker." Is that Isaac Hayes in the corner? Esquivel sipping a mojito by the bar? I can't get a good look; the dance floor is too crowded.

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Celeste Fraser Delgado