LIV Made a Music Video, and It's Everything You Expect

If, like Mitt Romney once said, corporations are people, then why can't one make a music video? 

Well, that's exactly what LIV just did. Miami's most successful nightclub has released a three-and-a-half minute music video that is both a thoughtful critique of social injustice as well as an avant-garde study in cutting-edge cinematography.

Just kidding. It's about titties, son. Some other stuff too, but definitely titties.

The song is called "We LIV Every Night," and it's basically the opposite of your high school experience. Rapping on the track is LIV employee Jimmy Greenup. The song was produced by Miami duo MIA Bounce, and the video was directed by Buster Cox. 

Why, one might ask, would LIV feel the need to make a music video? Was my Saturday night not depressing enough without having to get a firsthand look at how much fun people are having without me? 

Well, why the hell not? LIV is the most successful club on Miami Beach, and that's hard to debate. It's survived recessions and tough times. Its owner, David Grutman — who makes a brief cameo in the music video — was named one of the 50 most important people in EDM by Rolling Stone in 2014 and the goofiest little snugglepuss of 2016 by me, right now.

"We LIV Every Night" is part commercial and part victory dance. Do we get angry when Victor Cruz does his sassy little salsa in the end zone after catching a touchdown? No. We watch sullenly before returning to our chicken wings.

And so we will now watch Jimmy Greenup, who looks suspiciously like the guy your ex-girlfriend dates right after you, rub it in our faces. 

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