Life in Color Announces International Tour as Its Feud With Ultra Intensifies

Feuds. Why do we love them so much? From Angelina and Aniston to the Ottoman Empire and the Byzantines, mankind has been throwing shade since the Earth's first sunrise. 

This translates to music as well. There was the East Coast versus West Coast hip-hop feud in the '90s, the one-sided Meek versus Drake, and the Deadmau5 versus everyone else in dance music battle is still going strong. And now we have our own little electronica quarrel right here in Miami.

In the months before "the world's largest paint party," Life In Color’s billboard alongside I-95 asked a simple question: “Why wait till March?” It’s not a coincidence that UMF is set for March 18 to 20, and UMF organizers fired back. Last Saturday as the #LICFam rushed the gates, it was impossible to ignore the Ultra Music Festival banner flying overhead that read, “We’ll see you when you turn 18.” Though last year was only Ultra's first time as an 18-and-up event, the festival is proud of its new exclusivity.

Realistically, this ain't up there with Biggie and Tupac. Life in Color and Ultra are less gangstas doing drive-bys and more siblings giving each other noogies. Still, it's fun to watch. And it looks like we'll be watching for at least a little longer.

Yesterday, Life In Color announced its Kingdom tour, a 21-date international circuit coming Spring 2016. Locations include East Lansing, Kalamazoo, Denver, Lincoln, Tulsa, Sacramento, Houston, Chicago, Rochester, Philadelphia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Paraguay, Turkey, Dubai, Manchester, U.K., and other cities.  

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Once the UMF aerial message jab made a few rounds and flew off into the setting sun, the Life In Color party went off pretty smoothly with help from Jack Ü, Steve Aoki, Zeds Dead, Flosstradamus, Big Sean, Ruby Rose, Morten, Crespo, Big Makk, ZOOKËPER, Bonnie X Clyde, a Ferris wheel, a zip line, and 6,000 gallons of paint. 

This year, Life In Color introduced its new Kingdom theme, which it now plans to take around the world. This little party that started in a backyard in Tallahassee looks like it's only getting bigger. 

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