Latin Heartthrob Chayanne's 10 Momentos Mas Calientes!

Yes, you read that right. These are the 10 hottest moments we could dig up on Latin pop's resident heartthrob. Why? Because he's been making fans swoon for 30 years and showing no signs of slowing down. Because he's the original Latin Lover. Because, through the cries of adoring (mostly) female fans, he practically owns the rights to the phrases like ay papi! and muy caliente. And because ... well, do we really need a reason?

Let's start this off with the album cover, above, off his 2005 release, Desde Siempre. This here is exactly what we're talking about. This is textbook Chayanne ay papi-dom. Check those sculpted sideburns, that come hither look ... that closely-cropped chest hair and the suggestively placed hand.

Now, let's check out a video that's just too good to pass up. "No Te Preocupes Por Mi," off Cautivo, which also released in 2005. In this vid, he plays Ricky Ricardo, starring in a movie as the Latino James Bond. Or at least, we think he's playing Ricky Ricardo, starring in a movie as the Latino James Bond.

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And now let's take it back to the old school. Because being muy caliente doesn't happen over night. This is the cover of Chayanne's second self-titled release. The one that came out in 1988 on Sony--not to be confused with the 1987 release on RCA, which does NOT feature a young Chay clad in wife beater. For that matter, nor does it feature any of those hit singles like "Tu Pirata Soy Yo" and "Fuiste Un Trozo de Hielo en la Escarcha."

Chayanne isn't just a pretty face or a world renowned pop star, though. As you may have gleaned from the video above, he's also a thespian. Let this clip from 1998's Dance With Me serve as another testament. In this flick, he starred alongside diva and beauty queen Vanessa Williams. They don't actually dance together in this one, but they do share a look hotter than any amount of lambada. Which, as we all know, is the forbidden dance.

Oh no, this isn't Prince. It's actually Chayanne again, this time in a shot from his 2008 cover shoot for Ocean Drive Español. And we can give you at least three different reason it's hot:

1) The now defunct Spanish version of this mag seldom did male covers, so it was an honor to get one.

2) There's kind of like a whole bondage thing going on with that blindfold.

3) Prince is pretty effin' hot himself, in a scrawny, twerpy, Revolution-running kind of way, no?

Here's a shot of the prolific Puerto Rican on Ally McBeal. We'd be remiss to skip over his guest appearance as the curiously-named Sam Adams on this hit five-year, made-for-TV chick-flick.

Low and behold, now here's another vid! This is Chayanne's latest, "Tu Boca," off his new record, No Hay Imposibles. He shows yet again why he's famous for shaking his moneymaker on this one ...but not much else. The video's admittedly pretty plain, and its inclusion pretty much strictly gratuitous booty shaking. But he does shake it alongside a couple of stone cold foxes.

And here he is performing the very same track in the 2010 Latin Billboard Awards that took place in his native island of Puerto Rico back in April. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. From the look on this chic's face, about three quarters of those were "ay papi," with just enough room left over for a handful of "ay Dios mios" and perhaps a spattering of heavily-accented "oh my gads."

But what's that to the left? Yes, it's exactly what you think it is. It's Chayanne in Colonial garb. And he's a freakin' vampire. This is a screengrab from his Mega TV series Gabriel. Move over Stephen Moyer.

And, just to close things out, we leave you with one more video. This one comes off his next album after Cautivo, the 2007 release Mi Tiempo. The video takes place following some sort of disaster, but Chayanne's too focused on singing about his super-hot honey to worry about that (she finds him later, BTW). We can hardly blame him. And yes, that's a sleevless hoodie he's wearing. And yes, he's totally rocking it.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The above is a work of satire and in no way shape or form reflects the views or opinions of Crossfade, Miami New Times, or even this writer, who most assuredly does not have a man crush on Chayanne. Although, the right night...right mood...just the right number of mai tais...who knows? Just sayin'.

...oh, and he's playing AAA tomorrow night at 8pm. Tickets run $60 to $130.

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