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Last Night: Juanes at the American Airlines Arena

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A vociferous crowd nearly blew the roof off the building Saturday night with an impromtu, pre-concert rendition of Juanes' Me Enamora that shook American Airlines Arena.

Over 20,000 voices sang along to a skit on dual video platforms that showed the Colombian rocker making his way through traffic in a car before appearing on stage. And the peace-yearning, socially-conscious star returned the love with plenty of hair-raising guitar solos, a versatile vocal range and uncanny stage presence.

The 35-year-old singer impressed from the get go, opening with a hard-driving and guitar rippling version of peace anthem A Dios Le Pido that had them bouncing in the aisles before performing La Paga with ease.

Always one for social harmony and peace, Juanes implored that 'no matter where you're from, tonight there's just one flag... the one with peace and the one we all love." Juanes begged the audience to live life to the fullest, 'Life is a journey.. .We meet people, make some good choices, some bad choices." before breaking into an emotionally-charged solo of La Vida...Es Un Ratico.

He showed his soft side by serenading all the women in the house with a lovely and dead-on version of Gotas De Agua Dulce.

"Love life, love everyone," he said in Spanish. The 12-time Latin Grammy winner, and part-time Miami resident, went on to perform a blistering and prolonged encore of La Camisa Negra.

"Ayer me sabias a gloria, pero hoy me sabes a pura m......." he boasted with plenty of energy and clarity while toying with the strings of his electric guitar.

And as if that wasn't sufficient, Juanes paid tribute to Colombian salsa legend Joe Arroyo, while showing his own versatility, with Rebellion, which had everybody out of their seats and dancing. From the crowd's passion and admiration for a humble star to the peace and harmony left all over the AAA, there was plenty to love this night. -- Fernando Ruano Jr.

Critic's Notebook

PERSONAL BIAS: Despite anxious jeers from the crowd, opening act Antonio Carmona came through strong , especially with Para Que Tu No Llores, where he pays homage to people in need.

RANDOM DETAIL: Juanes seemed deeply touched with the manner in which he was lauded all night. Touching to say the least.

BY THE WAY: The slew of Colombian flags and sing alongs made for an intimate concert. Oh, and Colombian women continue to be the hottest in the world.

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