Kulcha Shok's Lance-O Talks 16 Years of Jazid

In June, Jazid celebrates its 16th anniversary on South Beach. And with live music every damn night, this club has seen some of Miami's best bands get their start on its stage.

Almost 14 years ago, Kulcha Shok Muzik collective founder Lance-O started hanging out at the laid-back SoBe party spot and he's held down its Sunday-night reggae party since 2007.

Yesterday, we spoke with Lance-O about good vibes, local bands, and 16 years at Jazid.

Crossfade: When was the first time you ever went to Jazid?

Lance-O: My first time there ever ... Oh my god, I don't even think I can remember. It had to be probably 14 years ago, just going to see live music. I've always been close to Jazid. Living on the Beach, it's always been a neighborhood place for me.

What were you doing back then?

I was just a DJ on the beach, working about 4 or 5 nights a week, playing reegae and dancehall at places like Liquid.

What do you think about 16 years of Jazid?

It says that if you deliver the right product, you're gonna sustain yourself. All these superclubs with their $20-million facelifts are just out to make a lot of money quick, turn it over, and do something else. Live music in some shape or form is still reigning.

Who have been some of Jazid's best bands over the years?

It's most of Miami's best. Spam Allstars, Suénalo, Locos Por Juana, Jahfe have all made their names there. Then Afrobeta, Xperimento, ArtOfficial, Elastic Bond got their start at Jazid before moving on to other markets and venues. And there's plenty more bands starting there now.

How's your Kulcha Shok Sunday night going?

Still good. We just had our five-year anniversary. We're the longest-standing party at Jazid and we're consistently the best night they have. Yeah, Friday and Saturday can pull more people. But Sunday is the best night on a week-to-week basis.

How's that make you feel?

It's a dream for me, because I always wanted to do a roots reggae night, and nobody else really does it. People play reggae. But it has become a broad term, like hip-hop or R&B or rock. The reggae we're playing has positive messages, good vibes, and slow tempos.

How did you get started?
Probably like 7 years ago, I had an office near Jazid and I had been trying to get in there already for a couple years with the old owners. I kept going there and trying to lock it down, but it kept not happening. Then with the new owners, it was almost instantaneous.

What's your craziest memory from Jazid?

Seeing a guy who was a regular dive across the couch and tackle a guy, hard. He flew right into him and I thought it was going to be a full-out brawl. But it ended up that it was just a friend who he hadn't seen in a very long time.

What about your best night there?

Last December when HalfPipe performed on my birthday.That was one of the best nights, musically and vibes-wise, I've seen at Jazid. Not the most people ever been there. But music and vibes is more important to me.

What are some other notable performers?

People who've played or come to chill over the years ... We've had the Marleys -- Damian, Julian, Stephen, his kids. We've had The Mighty Diamonds, Sanchez, Bunny Wailer, Steel Pulse, Gondwana, Cultura Profetica. Sometimes they come just to hang out. A lot of times they end up performing.

What do you have coming up there?

We've got Jahfe on a regular basis, a couple of special guest bands. We're also having a welcome-back party for one of our resident DJs on July 29. It's gonna be the return of Firewood who will be getting out of prison after a year and a half. We really missed him, and he will be back in full effect.

Jazid's 16th Anniversary Parties with Locos Por Juana, Dangerflow, Jahfe, Spam Allstars, and Kulcha Shok. Friday, June 8; Saturday, June 9; and Sunday, June 10. Jazid, 1342 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. The parties start at 10 p.m. Ages 21 and up. Call 305-673-9372 or visit jazid.net.

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