Kid Rock and Lynyrd Skynyrd to Kick Off Tour in West Palm Beach on June 26th

There has been an obscene amount of concert announcements over the last couple weeks and there a trend has been developing. Huge name acts are deciding that South Florida (more specifically West Palm Beach's Cruzan Amphitheater) is the place to start their massive U.S. tours, and that's fantastic news.

The latest announcement is Kid Rock and Lynyrd Skynyrd teaming up to bring old school and new school southern rock to the masses. Sure the whole rap/rock thing has long worn out its welcome, but no matter how you feel about the genre as a whole, you've got to respect Kid Rock as the leader of the genre.

He was doing his thing long before it blew up on mainstream radio and

hasn't changed his style much to appeal to a wider audience. Instead,

he's teamed up with THE southern rock band to release a mega-popular

single and now a second country wide tour. Love him or hate him, Kid

Rock continues to do his thing and wow audiences over and over again.

Tickets start at $26 and can, as always, be purchased via Livenation.

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