"K-Pop Is Evil": Psy's "Gangnam Style" North Korean Brainwashing Exposed by YouTuber

A hysterical YouTuber named Copper Cab is asking, "WTF GANGNAM STYLE!!?"

But we here at Crossfade just wanna know, "WTF LITTLE RED-HEADED XENOPHOBE!!?"

This ruddy-faced teenager is either a raspy-throated troll. Or an insecure product of Tea Party America. His object of hatred: K-Pop sensation and crossover star Psy's "Gangnam Style."

The South Korean singer was recently signed by none other than Justin Bieber's manager and he's being groomed to be the first K-Popper to reach the top of the charts in America.

But our little patriot buddy doesn't like that crap. He knows Psy's not just after SoundScan stats, but something much more sinister.

Copper Cab's video is about three and a half minutes long, and it's full of hypocrisy, misinformation, tragically confused statements, and lots of things that are just plain wrong. We've compiled our favorite quotes for you below.

"I come home from a trip to my country, down in the south, PROUDEST PART OF AMERICA."

"My country is being brainwashed by North Korean pop culture."

"Open your fucking eyes, okay? More than those North Koreans are."

"Hello, we're at a civil war with North Korea."

"Ellen DeGeneres is on TV with Britney and they're dancing with fucking Kim Jong Il."

"If you're Italian, if you're Mexican, if you're Jamaican, y'know, if you're Francin..."

"We don't even understand what the words are to the song. It's North Korean. They could be talking about the fall of America."

"We have reached a new low. Get your shit culture out of ours. This is American, okay?"

"I'm not gonna look like an idiot, okay? I'm not stupid. I'm not going to be made to look like a fool."

"This K-Pop stuff, it's evil."


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