Clinton continued her fight for Florida with the help of some famous friends.EXPAND
Clinton continued her fight for Florida with the help of some famous friends.
Photo Courtesy of HFA

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Hillary Clinton Join Forces at Bayfront Park

As the line to get into Bayfront Park's free Jennifer Lopez concert — which doubled as a Hillary Clinton rally — zigged and zagged around Biscayne Boulevard, a man sold pink T-shirts that read "Nasty Women Vote Hillary," an allusion to the awkward improvised insult Trump threw at Clinton during their final debate. There were a few buyers, but one had to wonder if the vendor would cut his losses and sell any unsold shirts at a Trump rally.

They'd probably sell just as well to the irony-illiterate masses over there.

There has always been talk of two Americas: urban and rural, Democrat and Republican, boxers and briefs. Could the country now be divided by those who take pride in being called nasty women and those who think it's a justifiable insult?

The America that showed up Saturday night for the concert meant to rally some last-minute votes for Hillary Clinton in a critical swing state was a joyous, diverse crew. They put up with rain and very serious security, annoyances the likes of which a Jennifer Lopez fans hadn't had to deal with since the release of Gigli

Lopez braves the rain to support Hillary.EXPAND
Lopez braves the rain to support Hillary.
Photo Courtesy of HFA

At 7:15 p.m., the DJ onstage stopped playing Flo Rida and Pitbull to begin the political portion of the evening. Patriotic songs were sung, and a parade of local politicians took the stage to remind people to vote early (and Democrat). They were mostly preaching to the choir, though, as much of the crowd was already brandishing Clinton T-shirts and signs. Though there was one loud, mustachioed man repeatedly yelling, "Trump versus tramp!"

At 8:00, to loud cheers, the music began. The Cuban reggaeton duo Gente de Zona danced onto the stage for a few songs, and during the last of them they were joined by Marc Anthony. From behind sunglasses, Anthony addressed the crowd in both Spanish and English to first explain "how important a moment in history this is for Latinos" and then to introduce his former wife, Jennifer Lopez.

In front of a screen projecting wide, black-and-white photographs of Hillary Clinton, J. Lo stood in an American flag dress to sing her ballad "Waiting for Tonight." Then the party started. Smoke machines fumed, a gaggle of backup dancers emerged, and a full band — including a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, drummer, and percussionist — popped up as the show turned into a Las Vegas revue with a political bent as montages of speeches by Clinton and Michelle Obama were incorporated into the dance routines. 

The musical highlight was probably when things got a little funky during a Lopez cover of Aretha Franklin's "Respect" — a word no sane person could associate with this election cycle. Eventually, she traded in her miniskirt for a dress as she was joined onstage by Marc Anthony to introduce none other than Hillary Clinton, who was never officially confirmed to be in attendance.

Love or hate Hillary, you have to be in awe of her celebrity. As she walked over to hug J. Lo and Anthony, the crowd was excited in a way that rivaled reactions for the biggest of rock stars. Even the mustachioed heckler buttoned up for a second to stretch his neck for a better view. Clinton spoke for only a few minutes about how important it was to vote, how Trump was out there stoking fear, and about how J. Lo was a fierce advocate for women and children. Clinton then raised the arms of Lopez and Anthony like a boxing referee before quickly leaving the stage. "Let's do one more for Hillary!" Lopez said as the politician sauntered out of view.

J. Lo performed "On the Floor" as the crowd slowly filed out passed volunteers handing out early voting fliers to all the nasty women and their fellow concert-goers.

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