Ghostwridah Talks Battle-Rapping Pitbull and His New Album, Flu Game

Michael Jordan's head rested on Scottie Pippen's chest with his arms around Pippen's torso and Pippen's right arm over Jordan's shoulder as they walked to bench with seconds remaining in game five of the 1997 NBA Finals. A game where Jordan played 44 minutes and scored 39 points after waking up the previous night nauseated and sweating profusely. It was Jordan's defining game, known as The Flu Game.

Ghostwridah's Flu Game may come to be the defining point in the 29 year old's career when the pressures of creating a hit-single takes and touching on some of Miami's favorite subjects, Bugattis, Versace and making it rain at King of Diamonds and LIV, take a back-seat to settling into his place in Miami's rising hip-hop scene.

More than a month removed from the release of Flu Game, the Miami emcee speaks with Crossfade about battling Pitbull, his relationship with his father, his life changing conversation with DJ Don Cannon, working with Lowkey, the New Miami scene and, of course, MJ.

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