FDR at Delano South Beach Debuts Cabaret Discotheque Fridays

We all love Miami nightlife, but sometimes it'd be nice to escape the usual routine, right? A jaunt into '20s Berlin debauchery, for instance, or a quick trip to Rio's unique party scene might be just the kind of shakeup your night on the town needs. 

That's the thinking, at least, behind FDR at Delano South Beach's newest party, which they're calling Cabaret Discotheque Fridays.

Starting tonight, the popular waterfront hotel will host a new series of parties, each inspired by different iconic cities and times. With specialty cocktails, music and live entertainment, the planners hope to make the lounge travel in both space and time.

“A symphony of always new live musicians and entertainers will perform everything from big band to burlesque, flamenco to fox trot, tango to the twist and everything in between," says Ernesto Arambatzis, the event's organizer. "Live music will be a melange of authentic sounds as if FDR were an elite private club in the heart of the underground of that night’s metropolis, all while visual decor and entertainment change constantly.”

After the performance of the night, up and coming DJ Bormay will be the responsible of making everybody dance.
The new series — which won't have a cover charge at the door — begins tonight with a party called “Meet Me in Berlin,” which will include a 1930s Berlin Cabaret-inspired show. In the following weeks the FDR will honor Rio, Paris, and Bangkok among many others.

“Guests can expect to see FDR transformed into a time machine of fabulousness and glamour every Friday,” Ernesto says.

The specialty cocktails aren't the only draw at the new theme night — a retinue of dancers called the "Delano Showgirls" will concoct new acts based on every event, under the direction of Danny Osorio of Joy Entertainment. 

So if you want to spend a night in Berlin without leaving South Beach now might be your only chance in life to do it. Head to FDR at Delano South Beach dance, drink and have fun.
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Flor Frances is an Argentine journalist and marketer based in Miami. She has her own publication, Too Much Love; and a marketing agency, Raygun Agency.