Eats Everything Talks UK Hardcore, Bass Music, and New EP on Dirtybird

UPDATE Eats Everything has canceled his debut U.S. tour because of a slipped disc in his back.

Its recent commercial explosion notwithstanding, electronic dance music culture in the U.S. has been mostly marginal.

But in the UK, EDM has been a continuously growing massive mainstream movement since the late '80s. So much so, that music critics often speak of the UK hardcore continuum, an ongoing evolution of homegrown electronic music styles, from hardcore rave through jungle, drum 'n' bass, garage, two-step, grime, dubstep, and beyond.

Producers like Bristol's Eats Everything (AKA Dan Pearce) grew up inside the hardcore continuum. And it's the reason that his sound is a speaker-rattling hybrid of house, garage and bass that's making him one of the freshest new acts on the international dance music scene with a string of auspicious releases on labels like Pets, Dirtybird, and Futureboogie.

Catch the man himself on Sunday as part of SAFE Miami's Fifth Anniversary Parties at the Electric Pickle.

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