Drake to Host Back-to-Back Afterparties at E11even After Miami Concerts

Drake will be returning to E11even in two weeks to host two consecutive afterparties at the 24/7 downtown megaclub August 30 and 31. 

This won't be Drizzy's first E11even experience. Last New Year's Eve Drake hosted a party at the club, and whatever happened that night must have left a good taste in his mouth because he's coming back. 

Drake will be in town for two back-to-back concerts Tuesday and Wednesday at the American Airlines Arena as part of his Summer Sixteen Tour with pal Future. And when the lights go out at the AAA, Drake will be shuttled over to E11even to do, well, we're not exactly sure what.

Drake is billed as "hosting" the afterparties, which can be a vague term but generally means he will physically be there, probably grabbing the mic every once in a while to say something melodic. 

Right now, tickets are going for $57 for men, $46 plus fees for women, and $0 if your name is Drake and you're a famous rapper. You can get your tickets via 11miami.com/drake, and if you want to go to the actual concert, hit up ticketmaster.com

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