Don Omar Beats Down Britney Spears and Invades Latin Hangout 90 Degree

Don Omar is a platinum-selling reggaeton artist based out of San Juan, New York City, and Miami.

He's also the guy who trumped Britney Spears for most albums sold during an in-store appearance at Disney World's Virgin Megastore.

And now the Puerto Rican playa and owner of Orfanato Music Group is bringing his highly anticipated Meet The Orphans club tour to downtown's Latin party animal hangout, 90 Degree.

Late last year, Omar dropped a compilation album titled Meet The Orphans, featuring the Latin Grammy-nominated song "Hasta Abajo." But before that triumph, there was the hit party track "Dale Don Dale," a song that isn't just the single that put him on the map, but a rallying cry and a way of life. His music has even made the soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto IV.

In short, the Omar brand is on the verge of going mainstream. And currently, he's building hype for the highly anticipated release of his iDon solo album. So consider yourself lucky to be able to see him in such an intimate venue. In Bolivia, the Don played the national soccer stadium.

Don Omar with DJs Sheriff, Kaos, and IceCold. Friday, January 28. 90 Degree, 90 NE 11th St., Miami. The party starts at 10 p.m. and tickets cost $50 via Call 786-425-3545 or visit

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Jacob Katel
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