Cypress Hill's B-Real and Sen Dog Talk Weed, Rap, Punk, Gang Life, and Being Cuban

If you're ever in Amsterdam, cop a slab of paper-flat hash, palm the sheet, and breathe hot air on it. Once the sheet becomes pliable, load it up with OG Kush, roll it like a blunt, and smoke up till society melts. That's what Cypress Hill's B-Real calls "the giggle stick."

Obviously, he and his South Gate homies -- Sen Dog, DJ Muggs, and Eric Bobo -- are legendary weed connoisseurs. They're also the original-gangsta kings of hyperviolent stoner-trap rap. And their rhymes have been soaked in the blood of Los Angeles since the 1980s.

But you might not know that these Westside locos are Cuban. While B-Real's mom and her family are from the island, Sen Dog was actually born in Pinar Del Rio. And before Senen Reyes ever stepped foot in L.A., he lived in Miami.

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Jacob Katel
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