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Curren$y - Grand Central, Miami - August 3

Better Than: Getting caught in the rain while out and about on a Sunday night.

Even though Grand Central recently announced that the Miami venue would no longer allow smoking inside, last night the room was filled with a peculiar kind of smoke. 
It didn't smell like cigarettes, but it definitely smelled like something.

"It's raining harder than a motherfukcer," says New Orleans rapper, Curren$y from the stage, "It's cloudy in here too. Pass me one of them." 

The crowd was quick to answer the call, and once Spitta took his hit, he quickly got the show started.

Although Curren$y is currently on the the Drive In Theatre Tour, his performance was not limited to tracks off of his latest mixtape. 

Throughout the show, Spitta Andretti hopped around his vast catalog, mixing it up for fans by playing old songs and new songs. 
And the crowd ate it up. From the first bar Curren$y dropped, fans were echoing his every word. The rapper definitely took notice.

"Way to kill them old ass shits," laughs Curren$y, "But this is the Drive In Tour. Ya'll really want to hear this old track? Some original smoke club shit."

The cheers from the audience were enough of an answer for Curren$y who launched into a string of tracks released back in 2009.

Several times throughout the show Spitta would stop the music shortly after a new beat dropped to tease the audience.

"Nah, not this one. Should I play this one? Do you guys really want to hear it?" he joked. 

The crowd always wanted to hear it.

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