Curren$y - Grand Central, Miami - August 3

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Better Than: Getting caught in the rain while out and about on a Sunday night.

Even though Grand Central recently announced that the Miami venue would no longer allow smoking inside, last night the room was filled with a peculiar kind of smoke. 
It didn't smell like cigarettes, but it definitely smelled like something.

"It's raining harder than a motherfukcer," says New Orleans rapper, Curren$y from the stage, "It's cloudy in here too. Pass me one of them." 

The crowd was quick to answer the call, and once Spitta took his hit, he quickly got the show started.

Although Curren$y is currently on the the Drive In Theatre Tour, his performance was not limited to tracks off of his latest mixtape. 

Throughout the show, Spitta Andretti hopped around his vast catalog, mixing it up for fans by playing old songs and new songs. 
And the crowd ate it up. From the first bar Curren$y dropped, fans were echoing his every word. The rapper definitely took notice.

"Way to kill them old ass shits," laughs Curren$y, "But this is the Drive In Tour. Ya'll really want to hear this old track? Some original smoke club shit."

The cheers from the audience were enough of an answer for Curren$y who launched into a string of tracks released back in 2009.

Several times throughout the show Spitta would stop the music shortly after a new beat dropped to tease the audience.

"Nah, not this one. Should I play this one? Do you guys really want to hear it?" he joked. 

The crowd always wanted to hear it.

At one point during his set, Spitta promised fans that he was working on the third installment of his Pilot Talk series which is highly popular among fans. He said the new project would be released soon.

Curren$y brought Miami's legendary record producers Cool & Dre to the stage to prove his claim that the duo is cooking up something special in the studio for him. Spitta claimed they were in the lab all day before having to head out for the show.

At one point Spitta left the stage and came back rocking a Miami Dolphins jersey. "Man, security in here is cool," he said, "I was worried we weren't going to be able to light up. I was getting a bunch of messages saying we weren't going to be allowed to smoke. That the venue had just banned smoking, but they were probably just talking about cigarettes. And who needs those." 

In order to get through more songs than would otherwise be possible, he only performed parts of tracks or certain specific verses. 
Curren$y also frequently cut the beat and spit a-cappella to make sure the audience could understand his words. Whenever the rapper held his mic out to the crowd, fans filled in the ends of his lines. 

And the audience never disappointed. Whether he performed tracks off his latest project or his first mixtape, there were always dedicated fans who knew the words and rapped along. 

At the end of the show, Curren$y showed he was grateful for the awesome crowd participation by sticking around the stage and signing autographs for his rain-soked fans.

"Man, they want me to get on the bus. Fuck that, I want to stay here with you guys," Curren$y said. He was even apologetic toward Grand Central, offering to handle the clean-up himself.

"I read the article, I know what you guys are trying to do," says Curren$y, "After the show's over, I'll come and Febreze this place.

Curren$y's Setlist:

"Three 60"

"Full Metal"

"King King"

"Glass House"


"Elevator Musik"

"Money Machine"

"Fat Raps"

"I Got 5 On It"

"Super High"

"High Tunes"

"Smoke Somethin'"

"The War on Drugs"



"Don't Miss This Jet"

"Sixty-Seven Turbo"

"Twistin' Stank"

"Showroom 2"

"A Lil Something"

"$ Migraine"

"10 Gs"





"Bitch Get Up"


"Michael Knight"


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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.