Crossfade Live: Destroyio, Flees, Enough!, Askultura, Hardware Youth, Can't Stand Ya's

The night before Sweatstock, Destroyio Records threw a great show at Churchill's.

We got most of the whole shit recorded, a full 1.5 hours of music from Flees, Enough!, Askultura, Hardware Youth, The Can't Stand Ya's, and DJ Skidmark presented in high quality stereo sound.

If you like hardcore, punk rock, reggae music, Miami shit, girls screaming, and Misfits or Agnostic Front covers then you should download this album and share it with your friends. Turn it up loud. It's even better through a subwoofer for the heavy room-bass from Churchill's, or all up in your bad brains through some headphones.

Click here for the download link.

Here are streams of a couple of awesome songs from Enough! and a great one from Askultura.

Enough! - "Equality," and "Attitude" Live from Churchill's 4-16-2010 by crossfadelive

Askultura - Mama Says by crossfadelive

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