Cro-Mags' John Joseph: "It's a Good Thing the Music Business Fell Apart, They Ruined Music"

When it comes to musicians with compelling personal histories, John "Bloodclot" Joseph's story is a tough one to beat.

Though we recommend his first book, Evolution of a Cro-Mag, for the full story, the man's journey has seen him go from an early life spent quite literally on the streets of 1970s New York -- the Rotten Apple of yore which now lives on through Joseph's walking tours -- to becoming a revered punk-rock elder statesman and protector of New York's punk history.

Infighting, lineup changes, and even a recent, highly publicized stabbing incident involving the band's former bassist/post-Joseph frontman, Harley Flanagan, have at times threatened to eclipse the band's musical legacy.

However, the Cro-Mags -- namely the first period in which Joseph fronted the group -- changed the sound of hardcore-punk forever by fusing the riffs and churn of thrash metal with hardcore's unbridled rage and moral aesthetic.

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David Von Bader