Concert Review: Masters of Mayhem 3 at Thunderbird Resort

DJ Slip 187
Lucy Orozco

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Masters of Mayhem

Thunderbird Beach Resort

August 11, 2007

Better Than: Getting locked inside a tanning booth and blistering up to the sound of “Diamond Girl,” on your brand new iPod headphones.

The review:

The usual darkness and crowding of nightclubs can only do Miami so much justice. This city is supposed to be about beautiful beaches with radiating sunlight and hot chicks bursting out of tiny bikinis. So, in a display of brilliance, Project Mayhem gathered up over 15 DJ’s with speakers, soundboards and turntables in hand, to place them in the Sunny Isles Thunderbird Beach Resort, on Saturday August 11, for over 200 fans to bask in the glory that is the 305. In turn, the party was dubbed, Masters of Mayhem 3.

Project Mayhem, which has been throwing the Masters of Mayhem parties at Miami’s Winter Music Conference for about three years, managed to provide us with this beach front session absolutely free. By 3 p.m. the hotel parking was filled up and JPX was blaring break beats in the first bar, while DJ Stormy D did so in the bar by the beach. Ladies and gentlemen, it was hot on so many levels that even yours truly (four tequila shots later) was dripping alcohol beads from forehead to pool, with soundtrack and all, including a Justin Timberlake techno mix.

Slip 187, who makes up half of Project Mayhem, began spinning at 4 p.m., while Geo (the other half) jotted down the memories with some pictures. Slip started mixing an alteration of “Drop it like it’s Hot,” and in agreement, I decided it was time to immerse my scolding skin into the pool. As I talked to some of the party’s supporters, I couldn’t help but come to the conclusion that this was one of the best musical gatherings I had recently attended. There were no drinks being spilled, no fights being instigated, and no pretentious people with greater-than-thou mentalities. Instead there was a positive vibe altogether with booze, bikinis and bad ass bass and techno resounding off the water with lyrics like “Get it Girl,” and “Shake and Pop,” thanks to DJs like Hans, Louis The Lion, Mas Inc. and a few others. -- Lucy Orozco

Critics Notebook:

Personal Bias: Good music on the beach needs to be a constant occurrence and I hope that the fellows of Project Mayhem keep on bringing the mix.

Random Detail: Masters of Mayhem 3 had an excess of support from local and outside entertainers, including the grand Autonomous Bass-Heads and the European producer, Born Free 1, whom of course you can easily catch on MySpace.

By the way: For more information on project Mayhem or Slip 187’s music, you can log on to Slip's MySpace page.

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