Bad Bunny Delivers a Melancholy Summer Beach Party at Hard Rock Stadium

Bad Bunny invited everyone to his one-man beach party at Hard Rock Stadium on Friday, August 12. See more photos from Bad Bunny's performance at Hard Rock Stadium here.
Bad Bunny invited everyone to his one-man beach party at Hard Rock Stadium on Friday, August 12. See more photos from Bad Bunny's performance at Hard Rock Stadium here. Photo by Karli Evans
As one of the most anticipated concerts of the summer, Bad Bunny's two-night stint at Hard Rock Stadium was the only place to be this past weekend as far as Miamians were concerned. The love for the reggaeton singer runs deep, and the stadium was packed with fans waiting to witness the World's Hottest Tour.

On Friday, his concert opener was Swedish DJ Alesso, who hyped up the crowd with EDM and house music, creating a similar atmosphere to a late night out in Miami. On Saturday evening, Diplo took over the reins, delivering much of the same vibe as the night before.

On the first night, around 9 p.m., as the crowds kept packing in, fans began to chant, "Benito! Benito!" as they waited for the Puerto Rican singer to take the stage. Ten minutes later, the lights dimmed, and the crowd's energy went into overdrive as Benito was on stage lounging in a beach chair and ready to begin the show.

The singer, dressed in all-white casual beach attire, sat in the lounge chair enjoying a drink against a backdrop of palm trees and sandy beaches, reminiscent of his 2020 Corona commercial. The microphone in his hands came adorned with a heart with a frown, the same artwork featured on the cover of his summertime album, Un Verano Sin Ti. The intro to "Moscow Mule," featuring the sounds of crashing waves and seagulls, set the scene for the beach-party vibe that would last throughout the show.
After his first song, the singer took a break and basked in the cheers of the packed stadium.

"Hola, mi nombre es Benito. Los quiero a todos! Agradecido de estar aquí en Miami!" ("Hello, my name is Benito. I love you all! I am grateful to be here in Miami!") he told the crowd, which sent everyone into a frenzy as his backup dancers took the stage to join the party. (Something to note is, true to Bad Bunny's character, the inclusivity in size and gender was evident among the dancers.)

Perhaps one eager fan took Benito's words too literally, because social media documented (and popular Instagram account Only In Dade reposted) a woman's attempt to reach the singer. Somehow, she made it onto a catwalk, dodging security guards right and left before making an incredible leap towards the main stage. Unfortunately, she didn't quite make the jump and slammed into the edge of the platform before falling into the crowd.
Bad Bunny ran through his catalogue, playing banger after banger as the crowd — whether on the floor or in the nosebleed seats  — danced, twerked, and grinded. To his credit, Benito ran, jumped, and danced as well, matching everyone's energy level. The singer best summed up the concert: "Esto no es un concierto. Esto es una fiesta!" (This is not a concert. This is a party!)" as he launched into the hit single "Party," featuring Rauw Alejandro, off of his latest album.

And what would a Miami concert be without some special guests? Several of Bad Bunny's longtime collaborators, including Mora, Ñengo Flow, and Jhay Cortez, joined the singer to perform tracks like "Una Vez" and "Safaera" off of YHLQMDLG and "Dákiti" from El Último Tour del Mundo.

Most notable was when Benito rose on a platform with a single palm tree, literally becoming a one-man island floating above everyone else. This visual best represented the theme of his most recent album: the loneliness felt during a summer without that special someone. Once back on solid ground, he again took the stage to his solitary beach chair for a drink, pushing the theme further.
Still, the two-and-a-half-hour concert ended on a high note when a full band joined him on stage to perform "Después de la Playa," which switched to a funky merengue beat halfway through. As Benito sang his heart out, the dancers took over the stage as the band played and the crowd swayed, attempting to dance to the merengue beat despite not having enough room to lay down any fancy footwork.

Amid the party, before the music ended, Benito made his exit — alone. And before the crowd even realized it, he was gone.


- "Moscow Mule"
- "Me Porto Bonito"
- "Un Ratito"
- "Efecto"
- "Party"
- "La Corriente"
- "Neverita"
- "Ni Bien Ni Mal"/"200 MPH"/"La Romana"/"Estamos Bien"
- "Otra Noche en Miami"
- "I Like It" (Cardi B cover)
- "Si Veo a Tu Mamá
- "La Difícil"
- "Bichiyal"
- " La Santa"
- "Una Vez"
- "Vete"
- "Yo Perreo Sola"
- "Safaera"
- "Tití Me Preguntó"
- "Tarot"
- "Dákiti"
- "Yo No Soy Celoso"
- "Yonaguni"
- "Callaíta"
- "Dos Mil 16"
- "Ojitos Lindos"
- "El Apagón"
- "Después de la Playa"
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