Care Bears on Fire

Prepubescent bands tend to do best when they don't take themselves too seriously. Rock may be a young man's game, after all, but it's hard to sell the lifestyle when sex and drugs could result in a major grounding. Fortunately the three members of Care Bears on Fire — Sophie (vocals, guitar), Izzy (drums), and Lucio (bass), each barely into teendom — have a knack for playful garage rock. It's the sort of three-chord anthems you might expect from the wiseass kid siblings of, say, Bad Brains. "Everybody Else" is the obvious single here, two minutes of nonconformist 'tude set to the requisite grinding guitar. But the real gem is the sassarrific "Met You on MySpace," in which lead singer Sophie disses a would-be cyber Humbert with what might be my favorite lyrics of 2007: "Said you were 12/And lived in my nabe/But you're really 300/And you live in a cave." You tell him, sister.

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Steven Almond

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