BRMC's Robert Levon Been Talks Rock 'n' Roll, His Father's Death, and Fronting the Call

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is a band that remains a protector of the rock 'n' roll spirit.

In an age when processed pop, phonetic folk, and hyped hip-hop rule the airwaves and bandwidth, BRMC has stayed true to its roots as a propagator of anthemic rock, creating albums as statements rather than an arrangement of fluff around an easily downloaded single. Though the band found an audience with the wave of garage revivalists that we all took for granted in the early 2000s, its sound has developed, and time has seen Black Rebel Motorcycle Club blossom into what we believe might be the most underrated rock band in the world right now.

Recent times have seen the group appear as part of Dave Grohl's Sound City film and concert experience, release one of its most critically lauded albums ever, and grapple with the tragic loss of singer/bassist Robert Levon Been's father, former frontman of The Call, Michael Been, who had taken on a role as BRMC's sound engineer and confidant.

We spoke with Robert Levon Been about making the band's most dynamic album yet, why the group enjoys touring smaller towns, and paying homage to his late father by fronting The Call for a pair of shows.

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David Von Bader