Basside's Video for "Rich Healthy Girls" Features Juice, Bass, and Whole Foods Twerking

People joke that the South Beach diet consists of cocaine, cigarettes, and a bit of somebody else's ceviche, but that's just mean. Model wanna-be's actually drink a lot of cold-press.

“They party all night, and they compensate by spending $30 on a juice,” jokes Carolina Villalba, an honest-to-goodness health fanatic who runs a Bikram yoga studio by day so that, at night, she can booty-shake in a bikini as one-half of Miami bass duo Basside. “[As if] all that Hennessy they drank last night and the cigarettes they smoked ex themselves out.”

Villalba and partner Linda Attias, AKA Caro Loca and Que Linda, pay homage to twiggy vixens around the world in Basside's latest music video, “Rich Healthy Girls.” It's tongue-in-cheek but, also, kind of true. Basside swears by the power of a good ginger, apple, kale.

“Ginger shots – that's our shit,” Villalba says. “That cayenne kick ... and that coconut milk. It's the ultimate hangover cure.”

The video was filmed during the ladies' last gig in New York City. In true Miami fashion, the pair donned neon bathing tops and stilettos, headed to the local Whole Food's Market, and proceeded to twerk on the produce. 

“I wish we could find all that footage of the people walking by Snapping all of us because it was hilarious,” she says. “Also, the fact that it was 25 degrees in all the scenes and we're half naked.” Basside's music videos are, in a word, amazing.

Back in December the pair released a video for their single "QLCL." It was vintage '90s Miami, with no shortage of bikinis, champagne, and South Beach. 

Now a little farther north, we can watch as they shower themselves in money and kale, two things a rich healthy bitch can't live without. But the fun doesn't end with the video. Basside is slated to help celebrate another green medical miracle as the group helps its friend Tina White tear the roof off the Anderson Wednesday, April 20. Activities will include a drunk Twister competition, booze-filled Slushies, and preliminary filming of the band's latest project, an original sketch comedy web series starring bass, butts, and babes who love cleansing.

“It should be airing in probably a month or so,” she says, “bring your twerking outfits [and be] ready.”

Basside, and more. 3 p.m. Wednesday, April 20, at the Anderson Bar, 709 NE 79th St., Miami; 305-757-3368; theandersonmiami.com. Admission is free. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.