ASAP Rocky and the Mob's LongLiveASAP Tour at the Fillmore Miami Beach, November 8

A$AP Rocky and the Mob

LongLiveA$AP Tour

With Schoolboy Q, Danny Brown, and Ab-Soul

Fillmore Miami Beach

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Better Than: A Ziploc bag packed with "Purple Swag."

Shit was thick, homie.

Weed smoke wafting around the lobby of the Fillmore Miami Beach like some kinda slightly skunky perfume piped in through the ventilation system.

The occasion: A South Beach party in honor of A$AP Rocky, his Mob, and a few affiliates like Schoolboy Q, Danny Brown, and Ab-Soul.

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Later that evening, Miami's own swag rap superstar SpaceGhostPurrp would re-up his ongoing beef with Rocky and the Mob -- heckling them from the Fillmore crowd, rolling up to the A$AP tour bus, and looking to "make a scene" before getting cuffed by Miami cops.

But otherwise, the LongLiveA$AP tour's SoBe stop went off without incident. As we here at Crossfade already wrote: "The kids were smoking out the place. And eveyone's cups were filled to the brim."

The night jumped off with Detroit weirdo Danny Brown, bouncing across the stage and croaking into the mike, while a gang of hypemen -- not to meniton guest star Ab-Soul -- swarmed around his seriously faded ass.

Dude was fucked up. And he wasn't embarrassed to admit it. "My name is Danny Brown," he slurred. "Ughhh! I'm drunk! I'm 'bout ready to smoke a blunt!"

FYI ... That's the cue for "Blunt After Blunt."

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A quarter-hour later, Black Hippy crew member Schoolboy Q sauntered out in a camo fishing cap, starting his play to the crowd with some sports-centric sweet talk and trying to prematurely pull this MIA audience's collective panties off. "The last time I was in Miami," he said with a smirk, "the Heat won the championship."

But when that line fell kinda flat ... Schoolboy switched seduction tactics, banging out a couple tracks ("Got Some Wee," "Figg Get Da Money") and dissing our BFs. "If your boyfriend livin' in that one-bedroom apartment with the dirty laundry all over the floor," Q proposed, "tell that nigga, fuck him.

"Ima try to get with you tonight."

And apparently, the crowd was down to fuck with Schoolboy. 'Cause as he unleashed a rapidfire set of his own shit ("Sexting," "How We Feeling," "Druggy Wit Hoes Again") and a couple Kendrick Lamar shoutouts ("A.D.H.D." and "Swimming Pools"), the whole place wilded out, throwin' fists, sharin' spliffs, and humpin' strangers.

Yet despite demands from the fans, Q didn't play his only real hit, "Hands on the Wheel," promising to drop it alongside Rocky and the Mob. Instead, he tore through "Blessed" and "There He Go" and "Party" and said a temporary goodnight.

"You only live once. I appreciate you motherfuckers."

After refilling their cups and sparking up, the crowd powered up the camera-phones for A$AP Rocky, who strutted out from backstage in some guerilla-style ski mask and street gear.

The stage was tricked out with camo netting, shipping pallets, and a massive backdrop depicting the Arlington National Cemetery's USMC War Memorial with a flipped star-spangled banner.

Disrespectful? Or even un-American? "I know you seen the upside-down flag back here and wondered, 'What the fuck?'" Rocky explained. "But we just fighting to be understood.

"And when I see so many trill faces hanging 'round out there, I know I'm not alone."

There were a few other militaristic flourishes to the A$AP show, including a couple of brooding, cinematic monologues set to Vietnam-era soundtracks like Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze."

But mostly, it was just a loose and stoned swag rap throwdown. "Miami," Rocky hollered, "are you ready to party for that purple?"

The obvious answer: "Fuck yeah!" And the rapper laughed, dipping into "Purple Swag," "Purple Kisses," "Pretty Flacko" and "Work" after joking that "I'm the only nigga who can make bad singing sound good.

"So shout outs to me!"

At one particular point, though, there was some shit going down in the crowd. And while it was impossible to discern the problem in that moment, it seems to have been SpaceGhostPurrp, the Raider Klan, and some fans talking shit and shouting insults.

"Shut the fuck up!" Rocky shouted, "get some A$AP niggas out here," and then adding, "We came for a good time, not for that ho shit."

But the scene never got too intense. And when Schoolboy Q came out for his promised "Hands on the Wheel" cameo, he and Rocky even ran through an unrehearsed bit of call-and-response stoner comedy:

Rocky: "Y'all got some good-good?"

Schoolboy: "We ain't allowed to smoke out here."

Rocky: "Well, even if we can't show 'em for real, how you do it?"

Everyone: "Crush a bit, little bit, roll it up, take a hit!"

Ending the night, though, A$AP Rocky got real

"It's 2012, goin' on 2013 and beyond ... It's up to us to stop racism. Please hear me clearly, it don't matter if you're black, white, brown, or yellow. Because we're all purple people at heart.

"To look around in this room and see different nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures getting along like one generation should, it makes me proud to be American and to be A$AP Rocky. I'm not Malcolm X. I'm not Martin Luther King. I don't have no fuckin' 'Dream' speech for you. 'Cause I'm not perfect myself.

"Straight up, man ... None of that shit matters no more. Fuck that racist shit.

"But with that being said, let's get into some more trill shit!"

Critic's Notebook

The Crowd: Fashion junkies, mall chicks, hardcore NFL merch collectors, teen girls squeezed into tight-ass jeans and tube tops, gay gang bangers, professional potheads, and poli-sci majors in Public Enemy tees.

A$AP Rocky and the Mob's Tracklist:

-"Fuckin' Problem"


-"Purple Swag"

-"Purple Kisses"

-"Pretty Flacko"


-"Thuggin' Noise"

-"Black Mane"

-"Coke and White Bitches"

-"Told Ya"

-"Persian Wine"

-"Gotham City"

-"Brand New Guy"

-"Hands on the Wheel"

-"Cockiness (Love It)" Remix


-"Kissin' Pink"



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