Asaf Avidan on New Album Different Pulses and "Why I Decided to Go Back to Basics"

"It's acoustically different and it's sonically different," Israeli singer-songwriter Asaf Avidan notes, comparing his new debut solo album, Different Pulses, to his work with former band, The Mojos. "It has different sounds and touches on different genres of music and takes a different approach to making a record."

While Avidan has produced other projects on his own (including an EP and a live release) both before and after his three full-length albums with The Mojos, this latest collection of songs is perhaps his most personal. And rather than dwelling on the repercussions of the 2005 breakup that pushed him into a musical career, Different Pulses strives to hurdle the obstacles left behind by the disintegration of that relationship.

"I became a musician because of that breakup, but this album is no longer about that," he says. "The first two albums were roughly about that, and ever since then, it's been a continuous kind of digging inside to find the roots of these problems that I'm perpetuating."

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