This week Archive Diver brings you an excerpt from an old New Times concert calendar from 1988. Look at this damn bill. California hardcore punk rock with Circle Jerks at the Button South. Texas thrash originators DRI with Creator (could that have actually been Kreator with a K?) and the Holy Terrors. Iron Maiden at the now-destroyed Miami Arena, and AC/DC at the same place five days later.

A lot of people bitch and complain about, "Oh, South Florida is the dickhole of America, nobody wants to come tour down here." (quote via Fabio from Destroyio Records, O.P.S. and Enough). Sure, we're no L.A. or New York, but that shit is lame anyway. Folks were probably crying about the same thing in the '80s, and look at this blog here now, sweating the oldies like it was the hottest shit of the century.

Here's the rest of the calendar which includes shows by Julio Iglesias, MC Shy D, Joe Piscopo, Alex Chilton, Icehouse, Indestroy and Debbie Gibson....

Archive Diver: June 1988 Concert Calendar - Circle Jerks, DRI, AC/DC, Iron Maiden and more...

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